Sweet Sally Cinnamon are proud to make by hand a range of baking mixes and sweet treats. Packaged beautifully our products work perfectly as gifts or a really special treat for yourself! Our business is all about “treating yourself well” making sure that when you choose to have a treat you make the most of it by having something lovingly hand made with the best ingredients, quality and flavour.

I started Sweet Sally Cinnamon in 2011 after working for 17 years as a town planner (very different I know!). I had seen the American idea of giving a pretty layered baking mix as a gift and so experimented with many recipes before finding a mix that fit neatly in a jar and tasted great! These proved popular with friends and family so I took the plunge and started my journey through farmers markets. My fresh handmade cinder toffee was made to add to my stall and has proved to be a massive best seller and a firm favourite with North East customers. I moved onto larger food festivals and Christmas markets and have extended my range to include Belgian Hot Chocolate spoons and Salted Caramel Sauce which according to the ‘groupies’ I have following me around it is the best caramel sauce in the world! Over the years I have been approached by owners of farm shops , cafes, garden centres and tourism venues to supply on a trade basis and this has grown my business further.