Dark mint chocolate spoon


Melt me into a cup of hot milk.

Nibble me from the spoon as I melt.

Our hot chocolate spoons are now an established favourite with all of our customers and we love the feedback we get about how special a treat they are! They epitomise our concept of “treat yourself well” – making every treat worth it by having the very best product and nibbling fine belgian chocolate while it melts on a spoon fits this idea very well!

The spoons are all individually made by hand and are produced using the finest quality Belgian fairtrade chocolate. All of our flavourings are from natural essential oils to give a beautiful clear flavour without affecting the beautiful chocolate. Packaged with beautifully colour coordinated bases that stand up proudly and display the chocolate spoon at its best, they are popular with both adults and children alike and they make a perfect little stocking filler gift.

Shelf life 6-12 months.

VOGUE CHRISTMAS READER OFFER – 10 hot chocolate spoons in your choice of flavours delivered for £25

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Happiness on a spoon, simply stir into hot milk