Cinder toffee


We are very proud of our famous cinder toffee at Sweet Sally Cinnamon. So much so that when Beamish Museum sweet shop, famous itself for cinder toffee making demonstrations had a temporary closure they brought in our cinder toffee as a stand in and due to its huge popularity we continue to stock their gift shop with hundreds of bags every month!

This really is the best tasting and best looking cinder toffee around and the difference in taste comes from how fresh it is. Making it all by hand in very small batches allows us to control the quality and ensures a unique artisan product.

Each bag contains 100g of light fresh cinder toffee shards of varying sizes and is hand tied with raffia and tagged.

Shelf life 6 months.

Store in a cool dry place, the high sugar content will preserve this product for a long time but the nature of toffee will turn sticky if exposed to heat. We like to sell it as freshly made as possible and shelf life has never been a problem in our retail outlets as our monthly deliveries always sell out of cinder toffee first!

Ingredients: Caster sugar, golden syrup

Coming soon – Belgian chocolate dipped cinder toffee!



Freshly made by hand – what we are famous for